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    What type of therapy or coaching will you use with me?
    It is rare that I only use one approach when working with a client. I use whatever I believe will be most effective at any particular time. Therefore it is likely that most clients will experience a combination of positive psychotherapy, coaching, hypnotherapy, NLP & IEMT over different sessions.
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    How many sessions will I need?
    This is always a difficult one to answer! One of the reasons for offering a free consultation is so that I can hear your story and what you want to achieve and then I am better placed to estimate how many sessions you may need. On average I generally see people for between 4 and 10 sessions.
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    Is hypnotherapy mind control?
    No. During hypnotherapy you are not asleep or unconscious. You have an awareness of where you are and what is being said and will not take on anything that doesn't fit with you. Hypnotherapy helps you to gain better control of your thoughts, feelings and behaviours.
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    Do I need to bring anything to the sessions?
    You might like to bring a notepad with you to write down any thoughts or homework tasks.